• Full operational systems for food and meat industry.
  • Controlling margins from all aspects – Costings, profitability, yield control, stock control and statistics.
  • Systems for the entire meat industry linked together in one package, feedlot –
  • Abattoir, deboning, processing, retail.
  • Full MRP System to calculate yield outputs and recipe incredients.
  • Add traceability to all products that conforms with all standards.
  • Unique standard costing system for all block-test recipes.
  • Save money by improving stock control and rotation (products that loses weight over time).
  • Latest mobile technology in the industry using mobile devices (Smartphones / Tablets).
  • Ultra fast & reliable SQL server access components, ensuring encrypted data storage.
  • System that will integrate with probes, scales, label printers and all major scanners.
  • The system is a must for any operation in the food industry. It will give any company better control / cost savings / traceability and the information to
  • identify problems to therefore react faster.
  • Integrates into most financial packages available in the market – Sage Evolution, Pastel Partner, Accpac, Navision.

  • Slaughter control.
  • Farmer settlements.
  • Offal 5th quarter control – Yielding.
  • Grading.
  • Carcass tagging.
  • Carcass cuts stock control.
  • Costings.
  • True profit per batch.

Abattoir Slaughter Module
Offal Packing Module

  • Block-test control.
  • Production batches.
  • Costings.
  • Packing & labelling.
  • Cuts what if calculations.
  • Cost index calculations.
  • Yield controlling on production.

  • Recipes.
  • Production batches.
  • Costings.
  • MRP – calculations.
  • Back-flushing of raw material.
  • Packing & labelling systems.
  • Yield controlling per step.
  • True cost calculations.

  • Point-of-sale till system.
  • Integrated into retail scales (PLUs).
  • Stock control per item.
  • Scanning & labeling of shop items.

  • Batches Receiving and Processing.
  • Multiple Cost Centres.
  • Average Daily Growth.
  • Pull/Sick/Morbidity Control.
  • Integration to Abattoir Modules.

  • Unique bin type allocation system.
  • Allocate pallets to individual locations in multiple warehouses.
  • Mobile application to assist with inline actions.
  • Ability to move stock in and out of locations.
  • Control what stock can be allocated where.
  • Incorporating Matrix Software's powerful class system to isolate, block and control certain stock movements.
  • Warehouse storage invoice system for rent, handling, equipment etc.
  • Ability to drill stock to unique allocations, pull stock based on age to fulfill sales orders.

  • True stock control with unique serial numbers.
  • 4 costs (standard, average, latest, actual) per product stock ageing.
  • Multiple stock centres & locations.
  • Caters for tracking & non-tracking stock.
  • Historical stock system.
  • Stock transfers.
  • Can’t sell 1 product more than once.

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